AJC Congratulates President Obama

November 7, 2012 — New York — AJC, the global Jewish advocacy organization, congratulates President Obama on his hard-fought reelection victory, and looks forward to continuing to work with his administration.

“The entire world witnessed again a cardinal foundation of American democracy, free elections, and the eagerness of citizens across the country to cast their votes,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “We wish President Obama every success in his second term, and salute Governor Romney for his record of public service and his gracious concession speech.”

“It is now time for the leaders of both parties — and the divided Washington they represent — to rediscover the art of compromise, the necessity of cooperation to address the pressing political, economic and national security challenges facing our country,” said Harris. “AJC will be there, as we have for over a century, to work with the administration, the 113th Congress, and our ethnic and faith partners on many of these issues.”

At the top of AJC’s agenda are preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear-weapons capability; advancing the U.S.-Israel partnership in an era of profound instability in the Middle East; defending democratic values worldwide; achieving national energy security; and adopting immigration reform.

AJC, with 26 regional offices across the country, is a nonpartisan advocacy organization.